Writing a cover letter for journal article submission

Before acceptance, all papers will be screened for similarity to previously published papers using iThenticate http: To avoid excessive delays in downloading the files, limit videos to no more than 5 MB in size and 60 s in length. However, you do want to make sure you actually study each publication before submitting.

What an editor really wants to read is a terrific manuscript, not the perfect cover letter. There is a 25 MB combined size limit on auxiliary or movie files and a limit of 10 auxiliary or movie files. Submission date Brief background of your study and the research question you sought to answer Brief overview of methodology used Principle findings and significance to scientific community how your research advances our understanding of a concept Corresponding author contact information Statement that your paper has not been previously published and is not currently under consideration by another journal and that all authors have approved of and have agreed to submit the manuscript to this journal Other information commonly requested: Beneath your closing paragraph, be sure to include your full contact information.

While you want to adequately explain your work and sell its concept to editors, keep your cover letter to a maximum of one page.

Letters are subject to editing for clarity and space. Standard abbreviations, however, should be defined at first mention in the abstract. Currently, my favorite poets are Bob Hicok, J. Upload a higher resolution figure before approving the PDF. Science editors will not see this choice until after the decision is made, and authors will be given the opportunity to confirm the choice before transfer is initiated.

It just is not clear from what I have read on here.

Cover Letter Journal Submission

Authors of papers that are not selected for review are notified promptly, within about 2 weeks. Include pertinent information about your article in this paragraph, including its title, but try to leave the editor wanting to learn more, too.

Proofread your letter to ensure that it is flawless and devoid of spelling and editing errors. We seek to publish papers that are influential in their fields or across fields and that will substantially advance scientific understanding.

Pertinent comments on non-technical aspects of a paper should be submitted as eLetters. The author of a paper in question is usually given an opportunity to reply.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Literary Journal Submission

I have plenty of chapters that are 8 or 11 or 14 pages long, but the third one in particular is 27 pages. Writer A fiction query letter might be the toughest kind to write.

We welcome submissions from all fields of science and from any source.Letters discussing a recent article in this journal should be submitted within 4 weeks of publication of the article in print.

How To Write a Journal Article Submission Cover Letter

3 Letters received after 4 weeks will rarely be considered. Letters should not exceed words of text and 5 references, 1 of which should be to the recent article. Journal of NEAFCS Submission Guidelines The Journal of the National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (JNEAFCS) is a refereed journal published annually to showcase research and creative activities of National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences members.

Date: Journal name: Article type: I am enclosing herewith a manuscript entitled “manuscript title” for publication in Journal name.

for possible evaluation. The Corresponding author of this manuscript is COVER LETTER FOR SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPT. Writing a journal manuscript Publishing your results is a vital step in the research lifecycle and in your career as a scientist.

Publishing papers is necessary to get your work seen by the scientific community, to exchange your ideas globally and to ensure you receive the recognition for your results. A cover letter help, your cover letters can help a lot of writing; how to share.

As a keen eye for a suitable letter writing both short and experience. In writing; questions to put their time writing a strong journal submission cover letter.

A good cover letter will help "sell" your manuscript to the journal Editor. It is not enough to send a manuscript to a journal Editor like this: All cover letters should contain these sentences: journal.

All authors have approved the manuscript and agree with its submission to [insert the name of the target journal]. Submission.

Writing a cover letter for journal article submission
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